What is a Virtual Private Server and Why Do You Need One?

There are many VPN providers available online. VPN or Virtual Private Network are a group of computers that have been networked together over a public network. There are a lot of benefits when you connect to a VPN. One of the benefits is that with this setup, it allows you and the other employees of the company share documents easily. You are also protected from hackers when you subscribe to VPN. Since your IP address will be hidden behind a private network, hackers will not be able to reach you. They can only reach the host computer leaving you out of trouble.

While it might be a great idea to hook up with a VPN, you have to be careful in choosing a VPN provider. Here are some factors that you should consider in guiding you on what Virtual Private Network:
VPN providers uses different protocols. The most popular protocols are PPTP, Open VPN, P2P and L2TP/IPSec. Before you subscribe from a provider, you need to do you research and find out what protocol the provider uses.
PPTP is outdated and uses very weak encryption. They have been found out to have security issues. L2TP/IPSec is much better than PPTP but have speed issues. To be on the safe side you should go with the provider that uses OpenVPN. Aside from being updated, this has the best security option. Sharing with files is super fast.

Concurrent Connections
You should choose a provider that offers VPN service with at least three concurrent connections just to be sure to avoid additional cost in the future. When a company is starting, you might need only one connection but if it grows in time with many other businesses, you will need that additional connection.
If you’re looking for a VPN service provider, Private Internet Access is one of the best out there. They offers servers in 24 countries and they are compatible with Window, Linux, Mac, tablets, mobile phones and android devices.